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Magnetic tape cartridge and magnetic tape cassette both refer to a small plastic unit containing a length of magnetic tape on at least one reel. The unit may contain a second "take-up" reel or interoperate with such a reel in an associated tape drive. At least 142 distinct types have been known to exist.
The phrase cassette tape is ambiguous in that there is no common dictionary definition so depending upon usage it has many different meanings, as for example any one the one of 106 different types of audio cassettes, video cassettes or data cassettes listed at The Museum of Obsolete Media.
The phrase cartridge tape is also ambiguous with 36 different types of audio, video or data cartridges listed at The Museum of Obsolete Media.
From time to time the terms tape cartridge and tape cassette are used to describe the same product.
In current production are the Compact Cassette tape, the LTO tape cartridge and the IBM 3592 tape cartridge.
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